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2013 Chickens - An 8 Week Review

We took our chickens to be butchered on Friday, July 12 after raising them for 55 days (just slightly under 8 weeks). We did a live weighing at 50 days to make sure we were going to make our target weight for butchering. We targeted 6 lbs for our dressed (processed ready to be cooked) chicken weight which is on average about 2 lbs. larger than the chickens you can normal buy in the grocery store. We feel the chickens just taste better and are a better value to our customers at that size than a smaller, younger chicken.

New Spring Creek Farm Website

I decided to do a few upgrades to the Spring Creek Farm website.  With more and more people using smart phones and tablets the need for a website to be easily seen and navigable on any type of platform and screen size has become a must.  The new Spring Creek website thus has   a responsive theme so it can be easily viewed on any device.  I also redesigned the layout the site to include different events and videos I intend to publish.  I also revamped the order form for ordering Spring Creek products and hopefully made it more user-friendly. 

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