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Austin Elling FamilySpring Creek Farm is a century farm located in north-central Iowa near the town of Latimer. For the past 130 years Spring Creek has been a diversified farm raising beef, poultry, hogs along with growing a variety of crops including corn, beans, alfalfa and oats.

The farm is owned and operated by the Elling family who have worked the land for 5 generations. The farm is approximately 240 acres with 150 tillable acres and 90 acres of permanent pasture. With the retirement of Fred Henry Elling in 2010, Spring Creek farm decided to return to its traditional roots by direct marketing its products to local and regional customers that were interested in high quality food produced with no additional antibiotics or growth hormones. Animals are housed and handled using traditional animal housing methods that allow for the animals to have access to the outdoors and express the natural traits and behaviors.

Our People

Austin Elling

Austin Elling is a proud husband and father or two wonderful boys.  He grew up on a small farm in northern Iowa where they raised hogs, chickens and cattle along with corn, soybeans, hay and the occasional oat crop.  He enjoys history, technology and sports of all kinds.  He works for Heartland Communications and runs his own web development company Elling Technologies while continuing to build the family farm...

Karla Mae Elling

Karla Mae helps organize and wrangle the Elling family.  Although not having grown up on the farm she appreciates the skills and the lessons farm life teaches herself and her sons.  She looks forward to learning more about chicken and beef production along with all the processes on the farm that make those two things happen. 

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