Spring Creek Order Form

Spring Creek Order Form

Enter the number of chickens wanted whole. Great for baking or rotisserie.
Enter the number of chickens that you wanted that arehalved. Easy for grilling.

Beef Costs Explained

Currently our price is $2.60 per lb hanging weight. on a 1/4, $2.45lb on a 1/2 and $2.25lb on a whole. Normally our beef will average 200-225 lbs per quarter. The processing is approximately $0.70/lbs but can be more depending on how you have your meat processed. The locker weighs the 1/4 before they start cutting and packaging, this is the hanging weight. You will receive a print out of the hanging weight, how you told the locker you wanted your beef processed and how many packages of each cut you received as well as the cost of the processing.

Spring Creek Farm will take the price of beef when you made your deposit (our agreed upon price) times the hanging weight and add the processing, this is what you will pay. Most quarters average between $700-$800 for the beef and processing. The price does include delivery.

Example: 240 lbs (hanging wt.) x $2.60lb=$624.00 plus processing 240 lbs x $.70=$168.00

Beef Total $624.00 + Processing Total $168.00=$792.00

Deposit Required
$150.00 per quarter
$300.00 per half
$500.00 for whole

(6) 1-lb Packages Ground Beef, (4) 10-oz Ribeye or New York Strip Steaks, (4) 8-oz Top Sirloin Steaks, (1) Beef Roast

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