New Year - New Goals - New Pieces

New Year - New Goals - New Pieces

Well it's 2013 and with a new year comes another set of goals or resolutions, if you will, for the new year.  Aside from the normal personal and family resolutions for 2013, I also have developed a few for the farm that I am hoping to accomplish.  Some are relatively small but some are pretty aggressive, so hear they are in no particular order:

2013 Farm Goals

  1. To double the number of chickens sold last year.  Last year I raised 125 chickens and sold all that I had available.  This year I hope to at least double that.
  2. To raise some cattle to my own family and for a few customers for delivery this fall. 
  3. To learn how to run a planter.  I know you are thinking, you lived on a farm all growing up and you don't know how to run the planter?  Well spring is always a hectic time for most farmers and it never seemed a good time growing up for me to learn how to plant, not to mention time is money in the Spring and we usually didn't have very much of either for me to be learning of the job.  I hope to correct this and with my dad not getting any younger I figure no time like the present.
  4. Re-fence the West pasture.  The permanent  west pasture fence was put it when my dad was a kid (about 60 years ago) and its time we replaced it. 
  5. Help other small farmers in North Iowa  that want to market directly via the social media and online marketing

So those are are my top 5 goals.  As the picture of the puzzle eludes to, I am going to have to figure out how to attempt get all this done. Not only am I going to have to figure out how to implement a few new pieces but it's going to take some time to manage all the already existing "pieces" to get it to all work out.  I guess we'll see as the new year unfolds.   

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