Why Buy From Spring Creek Farms?

Why Buy From Spring Creek Farms?

Here are the top five reasons to buy chicken from Spring Creek Farms

  1. The chicken tastes great!  Our chickens are not fed antibiotics before they are sick and we do not try to increase efficiency with hormones.  All our birds have daily access to run outside strengthen their muscles and act like a chicken.   We also give our chickens plenty of space within their chicken house so they aren't cramped and can walk and spread their wings if they wish.
  2. We offer good value for your dollar.  By buying our chickens direct you save money compared to what you might pay for a free range chicken in a co-op market or health food store.  We also are competitively priced with conventionally raised chicken that you will find in the grocery store. 
  3. You know who, when and where your food was produced.  How wondering how the animal might have been treated or what they have been fed or if the meat has been frozen for long periods before hitting the supermarket shelves. 
  4. Larger chickens means you get more for your money.  We try and raise our birds to 5.5 - 6.5 lbs dressed rather than the grocery store standard chicken that weighs 4.0 -4.5 lbs.  This means that you can easily feed a family of 4-5 with our chicken and if you are a smaller family get at least two meals out it.
  5. Chickens are raised locally and inputs are bought locally. Our chickens are bought from Hoover's Hatchery in Rudd, Iowa and feed and supplies are purchased from Rainbow Feed in Hampton, Iowa.  By effectively "turning your dollar over" by buying local helps everyone in the area by providing services and jobs in our rural community. 

If you are interested in buying our chicken please Contact Us or go ahead and Place and Order

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